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    4.0 SQLDeveloper Git Error on Mac OSX


      I recently downloaded the new production release SQLDeveloper 4.0. I'm on Mac OSX 10.7 running java 1.7.0_25. Whenever I'm trying to use the Git features I'm getting errors, the most telling of which is:


      org/eclipse/jgit/transport/JschConfigSessionFactory while loading org.netbeans.libs.git.jgit.JGitSshSessionFactory; see http://wiki.netbeans.org/DevFaqTroubleshootClassNotFound


      It does not appear the IDE environment is loading the following JAR files. These JAR files are present in the /Applications/SQLDeveloper.app installation directory, and they contain the missing class(es).





      If it would be helpful, I can provide an export from the "About Oracle SQL Developer" dialog containing things like classpath values. I've checked them and these files are not included. Any suggestions as to why these files would not be included by the launch scripts?



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          Brian Maher

          Could you try clearing your saved settings  (renaming the originals and/or exporting the connections) and try again, listing the exact steps you take.  

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            Hi Brian,

            Thanks for the tip. What I actually ended up doing which seems to have done the trick is removing the system_cache directory under the SQL Developer Preferences ( ~/.sqldeveloper/system4. ). Now I'm not seeing the errors I was seeing before. I'm still poking around to see how things would work with Git version control.


            So I presume when I migrated the settings from my previous EA 4 version, one of the things which got copied is this system_cache info. It seems like if this is something which can be regenerated correctly on the next SQL Developer restart, this information should not be included in the migration from a previous version's preferences/connections.