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    Idspaces.xml file in atg




      In my application i have like this in idspaces.xml file


      <id-space prefix="abc" name="xyz"  seed="1" batch-size="40000" />


      xyz item is in customcatalog.xml file


      1. how it will identify the xyz item is in customcatalog.file ?


      2. what is this seed and batch-size ?


      Please give me clarification on this

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          Nitin Dubey

          All the id spaces xmls will get combined on server startup.So if any item-descriptor need any id space reference, they will search it in ipspace.xml.


          At Item-descriptor level there is a property 'id-space-name="xyz".If id-space-name is encountered in repository xml, ATG will serach xyz in idspace.xml.

          I think even if we don't specify id-space-name, It will search based on item-desc name.


          Seed is the first id.

          Batch is slot of id reserved.


          Refer link for id space IdGenerators and IdSpaces

          i.e say u have seed 1 and batch 100.

          Id generator will start generating ids from 1. It generates all ids till 100 or till server restart. Once ids reached to 100 or server is restarted, It will start generating ids from 101.




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            but id for each item is different like xyz item contains <id-space prefix="abc" name="xyz"  seed="1" batch-size="40000" />


            if i create an item then id will be like this abc5545 but seed and batch-size id's are different


            how it is happening

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              Nitin Dubey

              <id-space prefix="abc" name="xyz"  seed="1" batch-size="40000" />

              current id:abc5545

              Since u have given prefix in id-space, So Id generator is generating ids with prefix abc.

              5545 is in first slot of ids 1-40000.


              For better understanding refer SQLIdGenerator

              Now if u restart server, IdGenerator will generate ids from slot 40001-80000.



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