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Skillbuilder calendar default date

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I am using the calendar plugin from skillbuilders and am having a problem resetting the default date to one inputted by the user.

I am using Apex 4.1

I am using the following code (when page load) as posted early on this site



var startDate = $x('P12_START_DATE').value;

var endDate = $x('P12_END_DATE').value;

var month = parseInt(startDate.substring(3, 5)) - 1;

var absenceStartDate = new Date(startDate.substring(6, 10), month, startDate.substring(0, 2));

month = parseInt(endDate.substring(3, 5)) - 1;

var absenceEndDate = new Date(endDate.substring(6, 10), month, endDate.substring(0, 2));





$("#431340724720343045").fullCalendar('gotoDate', absenceStartDate);

$("#431340724720343045").fullCalendar('select', absenceStartDate, absenceEndDate);



Many thanks in advance for the help