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    Unable to configure cim for mobile reference store


      I could not able to see the below configuration during my CIM set up of "Mobile reference store" . Menu itself not coming during the CIM set up


      Mobile Site Configuration Menu

      Further along in the CIM setup process, a menu entitled “MOBILE SITE

      CONFIGURATION” is presented:

      -------MOBILE SITE CONFIGURATION------------------------------------------------

      enter [h]elp, [m]ain menu, [q]uit to exit

      Mobile CRS Site Configuration

      [1] UI Only

      [2] Dedicated Site


      I have referred C:\ATG\ATG10.1.2\CommerceReferenceStore\Store\Mobile\doc\CRSMobileWhitePaper.pdf doc for the CIM set up of mobile reference store.


      I have chosen  "ATG site administration" and "oracle CRS" during my product selection.


      Can anyone tell why the menu is not coming during my CIM set up? any work around for the same?