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    OSB Console - Order by num messages not ordering correctly


      I am a consultant with experience in SOA Suite 11g, but I don't know much about OSB.


      I have a customer who is complaining that in OSB console he cannot sort by the number of messages received. There is a view with a table in the admin console webapp where you can click on the column header to sort by values in the column, the messages column which shows the number of message received seems to do some arbitrary ordering, but it is not in increasing or decreasing order. One theory the customer had is that numbers are displayed in an "American way", i.e. a thousand is written 1,000 instead of 1000. I am not sure if this is the problem, and he has checked the logs to see that the value is in fact stored as 1000. Customer's linux machine has US regional settings but customer is in non-English speaking country.


      Has anybody encountered anything like this, or does anybody have any tips on what we could try to fix this? Customer needs to be able to order by num messages.


      Location of issue is in OSB admin console, "service health" tab. OSB 11g