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    Switcher based on bpmClientType not working



      I have a requirement that a specific jsff component should be present in the BPM worklist notification, but not in the UI.

      I am using the switcher component for this purpose as:

        <af:switcher defaultFacet="online"


               <f:facet name="online">

                   ... Place code rendered in online version here ...


               <f:facet name="notificationClient">

                    ... Place code rendered in email version here ...



      As mentioned in the page: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E25178_01/fusionapps.1111/e15524/uc_adf_taskflow.htm in section

      However, it doesn't seem to work, and I get the jsff component in the "online" facet in both worklist notification and the email.

      What should I do to make this work?