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    Oracle BAM - Very strange behaviour


      I have just installed SOA Suite together with BAM. I have followed the instructions in order, created the repositiory etc.


      BAM server is up and running but all application deployments are unavailable. hostname:port/oracle-bam is unavailable


      please help

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          Abhijit Mitra



          If you are trying to do hands on in BAM / SOA and trying to develop some process then for development purpose you can try using single runtime environment for all your application rather than creating different managed servers for each application which will make your life easy.


          In your case scenario may be applications has been deployed but these application has not started. Go to console and check for the applications(BAM) if it is showing shutdown try to manually start the application and also simultaneously check the log incase any error comes.




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            Ok thanks, I have managed to make some progress now. There was an issue with "JRFWSAsyncJmsModule" not deploying, but I created a new domain, and added JRF, which seemed to solve it.


            However, things have gotten much stranger now.


            If I go to https://localhost:9002/OracleBAM with Firefox I get:

            The Browser you are using is not supported. Internet Explorer 7 or 8 is required.

            If I go to https://localhost:9002/OracleBAM with Internet Explorer 8, or to http://localhost:9001/OracleBAM, I get 404 not found. I am sure the URLs are correct, which is clear from the fact that I get the "browser not supported" message from BAM if I use Firefox. Strangely, only the SSL version returns anything (https & port 9002) if I go to the non-SSL (port 9001, plain http) I just get 404, and if use IE like I'm supposed to with the same URL as above I get 404. There are no errors in the logs anymore.


            I have found a troubleshooting document:



            It says:

            2.2 404 Error
            The following 404 error occurs on attempt to start Oracle BAM Web applications:
            Error 404--Not Found
            From RFC 2068 Hypertext Transfer Protocol -- HTTP/1.1:
            10.4.5 404 Not Found
            Verify that the port number is correct and the URL is exactly in the following format
            (which is case-sensitive):

            Which is an impressively long way of saying "make sure you have the right URL", which I did several times...


            Any other ideas or tips would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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              I changed the admin ports on the managed server and bam server, and that fixed it. Must have been some kind of conflict, and I guess I missed the warnings.