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    Can not set custom Worklist branding logo




      I am using Oracle SOA Suite and I need to set custom logo in Worklist application. I have created a shared library as described in Deploying Images and JAR files as Part of a Shared Library JAR file - 11g Release 1 ( I have deployed it as a shared library to a Weblogic server and restarted Worklist application as said in http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E28280_01/dev.1111/e10224/bp_worklist.htm#SOASE85326 :


      To specify the branding logo:

      Do one of the following:

      • Refer to an external image-hosting web site. To do this task: In the Branding Logo field, enter the URL of the image.
      • Upload an image to a particular location on the server and, in the Branding Logo field, enter its relative path, for example, /afr/my_logo.png.
      • Refer to an image from the shared library. To do this task: In the Branding Logo field, enter the path of the logo name as found in the shared library, for example, /my_logo.pngv.



      I have tried different paths (/faces/images/logo.png, /images/logo.png, logo.png), but my logo does not appear. Am I doing something wrong?


      My JAR has the following structure: