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    SQL History not sorting by timestamp; new v4 TS format ?


      I was worried that  my SQL History was not accumulating post upgrade, as it did not appear as I expected.

      I typically sort it by descending timestamp, but I'm finding that since installing the 4.0 production version that a different timestamp format on SQL History has taken hold, ignoring the NLS settings that I put in my preferences (which were not the default ones by the way for my territory and language, by the way).  


      I migrated all my settings from the previous installation I had ...sqldev4 ea3.  previous migrations from v3 to v4 ea1 to v4 ea2 to v4 ea3 never disrupted my SQL History.


      Now my recent entries are buried in the SQL History and won't show on top anymore, and the sorting by timestamp seems erratic making it impossible to see a chronological order of SQLs executed before and after the migration.


      Is there a control for formatting the SQL History timestamps or do I need to go spelunking through xml files to alter a setting ?