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    Demantra 7.3 Installation-Need Help


      Dear Demantra Guru's,

                                          Installed demantra demand planning 7.3.1 standalone without any integration's.So when i open any work sheet,there is no data.


      Not able to view any data.How can i import data into demantra,so that i can see some data in worksheets.Oracle suggested doc id 1444437.1

      For dummy data, please download files.zip archive .

      This files.zip contains:






      I dont understand how to upload this data.Struck in the final stage post installation.


      Greatly appreciate your help!!



      Thank You



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          Ruby Rajakumar

          Hi Madhav,

          The  t_src_item_tmpl, t_src_loc_tmpl, t_src_sales_tmpl are staging tables in Demantra. You need to populate these staging tables with the data in the files that you have downloaded from metalink. Once the data is present in the staging tables, you need to run EP_LOAD_MAIN procedure (or the individual EP_LOADs available for items, location, levels etc. ) that validates the data and moves it to the core Demantra tables. You should then be able to see useful data in the worksheets.

          Hope this helps. Good luck!


          Ruby Rajakumar