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    Issue on installing  Oracle VM 3.2.6 Media Pack for x86_64 (64 bit) on HP xw9400




      I download Oracle VM 3.2.6 Media Pack for x86_64 (64 bit).  Burn the ISO image to a DVD.  I put the DVD into a DVD ROM of my HP xw9400 machine.   This machine has 64-bit x86 hardware.  The desktop can boot up from the DVD.  After I hit "Enter" to the boot prompt, the desktop seems to load drivers from the DVD.  According to "Installation and Upgrade Guilde for Release 3.2.1", I should see a page with "CD Found". However, the installation just skip to the "Choose  a Language" page and then to "Keyboard Type" page. After that I see "Installation Method" page.  I choose "Local CDROM".  The next page is "No driver found" page.   I have the same problem for all 3.x VM server installation.


      When I do the same for  Oracle VM (2.2.3) Media Pack, I will always see "CD Found" page after boot prompt and I can continue the installation.


      Can someone help on my 3.x VM installation issue?