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    call a new object from .jpf to .jpf


      I have this class (.jpf), and in that class i create a new object from .jpf. It was running smooth and get called. But when that object want to called his method that imported from another class (interface class), its always showing java.lang.null (when i want to print it, it says null too. Then i realized that, the object get called but the data wasn't). The data is from .jcx file. Its abstract class (interface).





      it illustrate like this :






          public interface BlaBla extends DatabaseControl, com.bea.control.ControlExtension {


           * @jc:sql statement::

           * select distinct field99 from product::


           String[] dataToCall();












          public class TestJpf extends PageFlowController{



           * @common:control


           public BlaBla bliBli;



           public void toBeCalled(){


           String[] getData = bliBli.dataToCall();










           import TestJpf;



           public void CallHere extends PageFlowController {


           TestJpf testJpf = new TestJpf();








      The problem is, if i start the application from CallHere, the method toBeCalled get call. But the data from dataToCall cant be processed. the query wont go and always return null (it didnt go to the database class, i think. It causing java.nullpointer).



      But when i start it from TestJpf, the data get call and the query return something. and it processing.



      What confuses me, is there a way to call an object from .jpf to .jpf?





      Note : i'm using weblogic 8 SP 5 and JPF stands for java page flow, not java path finder