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    [4.0] How to get only listed objects in "Tools - Database Export" DDL?


      Although I tried only to select objects of a specific schema/user, "Tools - Database Export" created object of other schemas/user too (just because the executing schema/user had access to this objects).

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          We need to know exactly what you tried. The wizard has quite a few inputs.


          For example.


          I'm logged in as HR. I asked for an export of DDL only of VIEWS. I didn't select anything on the object selector. I asked for the export to be written to a worksheet.


          After the wizard finished, my worksheet only had VIEWS From HR.


          So what are you trying?

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            I logged into the database as a user who can see lots of schemas/user (this, because the schema I need to get the data must not have connect grants).


            • I start the database export tool with a user called "SeesSomeSchemas@MyInstance"
            • the DDL export uses no views, no deletes, no cascading deletes and no child elements (sorry if wrong - translating from German)
            • no export of data itself
            • export into file
            • on the second pane "objects to export" every object type is checked (because i do not want to worry about this)
            • on the third pane (choose objects), i choose "more (search options)" and then
              • I choose the schema i am intrested in ... lets say "SchemaNeeded"
              • remain objects at "All Objects"
              • click on search
              • and put all found objects into the list on the right
            • after "next", i command on the overview pane "finish" (to create the script)


            But the so created script not only shows the objects selected on the objects pane but also the objects of SeesSomeSchema ... so either the translation/label of the third pane is wrong (because this is a feature and the third pane should read "additional objects besides own"), or the generator is bogus (because only selected objects should appear in the generated script).


            Message was edited by: stueckl seems as "only" types, views, procedures, packages and synonyms of the logged in schema are additionally exported ... still rather inconvenient (especially, if those are the majority of code lines)

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              When you select all object types, the wizard will export ALL objects of that type for the user your connection is defined as - SeesSomeSchemas.


              When you select an object in the Specify wizard step, say a View - then we will only export that view. But if you had tables also selected in the previous step, we'll still export all tables.


              So when you say '(because i do not want to worry about this)' - you DO need to worry about it...unless you pick at least 1 object for each type on the Specify step.

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                Well - it's an answer ... although I am not really fully satisfied with the way it works ... mainly because the tool should also be usable for people who do not have a full insight into schema contents ...


                Would it be possible to add a little checkbox saying "only export selected objects"?



                On the other hand ... going by the help page I still think it is a bug, because the "shared wizard page" says "You can limit the types or objects, and the objects within selected types, for the operation."

                But as far as i could see the selection on this page is an extension ... not a reduction.

                As for me ... "no object from a selected type selected" equals "don't add an object of this type" (but that's going philosophically ;-) ).



                And if you don't select any foreign object on the object page, no foreign objects are exported anyway ... thus I think the way it works is rather illogical and hard to understand on first sight

                - a selection of "object types" means

                  o show all objects of the connected schema

                  o show no objects of foreign schema, although visible

                - a selection of "objects" means

                  o only show objects selected for selected "object types"

                  o if no object for a type is selected, show all objects of the connected schema

                It's certainly only me but - pardon my french - I cannot see no damn sense in this.