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    Can we access a bucketset from Business Rules Function




      How are you doing!

      I have a scenario where there is a holiday list stored in a BucketSet. I have a funciton which calculates the next business day by checking if the next day to the input is in saturday/sunday and in the list of values in the bucketset.


      For saturday/sunday check, Rules have already pre-defined functions

                nxtDayCalObj.get(Calendar.DAY_OF_WEEK) == Calendar.SATURDAY


      But I could not iterate over the bucketset to check if the value is in this list.

           My code would look like if nxtDayCalObj in <BucketSet_HolidayList>



      But seems like Bucketset is not visible in Funcitons. Gloabls are visible however.


      Do you have any idea on how to access a bucketset in Function?