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    Can't add new participants to an existing workspace


      Hi there


      I'm trying to add new participants to a workspace, however the system will only let me select existing participants - when adding their email address to the User field, the system says 'no matched user or group found'. If I ignore this, the Next button remains greyed out. I'm new to administrating a group so haven't had to do this before, but when I tried to add a participant some days ago (external to Oracle), it was fine, so I am wondering if there may be another problem with the group - Tesco CSC RFP Workspace. I am trying to add both Oracle users and external users.


      Many thanks!

      Leonie Brown

      SC, Oracle Service Cloud.

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          The way BeehiveOnline works is that the group is the basic component of the system. You can only see participants that share a group with you.


          So in your situation it looks like the user is not inas a shared group so  you have to add the users to a group first and then they will show in the system as being available to add to Workspaces. If this is the default Workspace they will be automatically added to it as they are provisioned into the system.


          The process is the same for Oracle and non-Oracle users - they are all the same to the system