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    Sorting on date (date_popup2) in manual tabular form does not work


      Hi All,


      I created a manual tabular form (based on a collection) with 1 date_popup2 field in it. This field is defined in the query as follows:


      ,      apex_item.date_popup2( p_idx                   => 18
                                  , p_value                 => c004
                                  , p_date_format           => 'dd-mm-yyyy'
                                  , p_item_id               => 'f18_' || lpad (rownum, 4, '0')
                                  , p_item_label            => 'Start date'
                                  ) as tf_br_start_date


      In the report attributes I marked this column to be sortable.


      However, in the page the sorting is not working. It looks like it's always sorted in the order  of the seq_id.




      Can anyone tell me how to solve this?