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    V4 - How to create OLAP objects?

    Vin Steele

      I would like to start using the OLAP functionality now built in to SQL Developer. I would like to create an Analytical Workspace, Dimensions, Measures etc. The help says


      To create an analytic workspace: 


      In the Connectors navigator under OLAP Option, right-click Analytic Workspaces, and select New Analytic Workspace.


      Complete the New Analytic Workspace dialog box and click OK.


      The new analytic workspace appears under Analytic Workspaces


      I am not seeing an OLAP Option. How do I access it? I do see it in the version 4EA2, but there are no functions attached to it. I do not see in the production release version 4. If it was removed from the scope of version 4, is it scheduled to be part of a future implementation?

      I have (per the help) gone to the About option on the help menu and clicked on Extensions. I see the OLAP extension listed, so if I understand correctly, it should be loaded.


      I am using  Windows 7 64 bit, and SQL Developer:

      Java(TM) Platform1.7.0_40
      Oracle IDE4.
      Versioning Support4.