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    Some changes to forums and a general update


      I wanted to alert you to a couple of small changes and give you a general update about the site.


      Since our forums upgrade in June, we've been continuing to make improvements. We're beginning a wave of new features that will be rolling out in the next few months. Some of today's updates aren't all that exciting, but they're helping us to lay the groundwork for new things coming down the pipeline.


      1. As you may have seen, forums.oracle.com will soon be community.oracle.com. This change is being made because we are adding more communities to the platform and outgrowing the designation of "forum" only. There will be redirects in place for every single thread, message, profile, and page on the site, so the way you use the site today will not change, other than you will see a new URL. However, you may want to update your bookmarks anyway.


      2. Oracle employees will now be identified as such in their user handles, as the system will automatically append "-Oracle" to the handle of anyone with an oracle.com email address. (You can see this in action in my handle above. Shiny!) If you are not an Oracle employee, you will not be able to add this to your handle.


      3. The error that people were running into in trying to update their expanded profiles has been fixed. You should be able to go in and fill out your profile without getting an error message. Thanks for your patience with this, I know it took a while to troubleshoot the source of this error.


      4. Finally, as an anti-spam measure, users' first posts will now be moderated. This will only impact new users, but if that's you: there may be a delay before you see your first post up on the site.


      If you see any impact to performance or things aren't working as they should, please report it in this thread. Feel free to leave any feedback or concerns as well. I will be traveling for the holidays but will check in when I can, and others will have their eye on this thread to address any bugs or other issues.


      Thanks everyone!


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