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      Hi all,


      I'm not new to sqldeveloper and have used it for a long time, but since the version 4 (the first one till the current one) I can't have any output from the "script output" window.

      Anything from just a "desc table" to DDL/DML queries doesn't appear in that window ....

      I've tried the 2 workarounds from the following link  Oracle SQLDeveloper 4.0, script output, how to enabled  but I was not able to have any result.

      I work under Windows 7 (64 bits) and I have the following version for sqldeveloper:


      Java(TM) Platform    1.7.0_45

      Oracle IDE


      The errors shown in the "Logging Page" of sqldeveloper are :


      oracle.dbtools.worksheet.commands.scriptrunner.task.executor.DefaultStatementExecutorTask java.io.PipedInputStream.checkStateForReceive(PipedInputStream.java:261)

      oracle.dbtools.raptor.newscriptrunner.ScriptRunnerContext java.io.PipedInputStream.checkStateForReceive(PipedInputStream.java:261)


      I've tried both version of sqldeveloper (with and without Java), but the results are the same.

      I've tried to see the java docs and it seems that a thread is launched in background to run the command as a script, so perhaps something from my general configuration (windows envt) is wrong, but don't know where to look for as the previous version of sqldeveloper is working good :


      Java(TM) Platform    1.6.0_18

      Oracle IDE

      Versioning Support


      Thank you for any help !