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    help is greatly needed with page processing in APEX


      hello everyone please could someone help me with a survey application that im working on . Basically i have  a page that has 5 different regions on it an each region has a LOV which has the following display values ( agree, strongly agree, disagree and strongly disagree)  then return values for these are 20 , 50 , 10 and 5 respectively and this is the select from statement to create the LOV below and the table used




      select EVAL_OPTION as display_value, FRM1_REG1 as return_value

      from REL_DIM_SC_TBL

      order by 1


      The LOVs work fine . However when i tried to insert the inputs from the users into another table by means of a page process im getting a error that i cant seem to resolve my tables are :



      REL_DIM_SC_TBL   -- where the display data for the LOV's come from

      REL_DIM_SC_IMP   -- is the table that where the values that the user has selected is stored


      The page items are set up as follows :


         Relationship Dimension Scoring

      http://localhost:8080/i/f_spacer.gif JOE  Logout







        so where you see welcome above is a text field above the regions where the LOV's are and used the select :app_user from dual ; to populate it because in order to insert the data select by the LOV's on the page there has to be an item with a primary key . Which is what i wanted was for the current user using the app to be inserted into the REL_DIM_SC_IMP table . But when i click the submit button i get an error



      below is the select of the automatic DML action i set up under page processing    








      3 Relationship Dimension Scoring
      Automatic Row Processing (DML)




      Process Point








      Source: Automatic Row Processing (DML)




      Popup List of Values: Item Containing Primary Key Column Value
      Popup List of Values: Item Containing Secondary Key Column Value









      Please guys i have been stuck with this for a long time any help at all will be greatly appreciated