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    db_verify fails with bad prev_pgno 0 on overflow page


      Hello, I have a btree db file that fails with db_verify with the error :


      db_verify: BDB0682 Page 193168: bad prev_pgno 0 on overflow page (should be 193167)

      db_verify: BDB0683 Page 193168: overflow item incomplete


      db version : 5.3.21


      Any clue on what can result in corruption of that sort ?


      Thank you

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          Winter Zhang



          Can you tell us how you access the database, and if there is anything unusual happening when you are accessing the database ?


          This issue can be caused by the following cases(not a complete list):

          * Concurrent acessses via multi-threads/multi-processes without opening the environment with DB_INIT_LOCK and DB_INIT_TXN, causing the data corrupted.

          * Application quits abnormallly, which means the application quits without a call to DB_ENV->close

          * The environment is a private environment, so the db_verify and your application use different caches.



          Winter, Oracle Berkeley DB