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    Multiple relationship modeling



      I am hitting a bug/issues/misunderstanding on my side with data modeller (I had this issue in the previous versions too).


      I was trying to model multiple relationships from a entity to a detail entity and am hitting some problems. I have the following situation (simplified) :


      Party Entity : Party ID (PID), Party Name

      Transaction Entity : Trans ID (PID), cost (number)


      I then create 2 1-to-many relationship from party to transaction:

      1. Party -> Transaction (1 to many)
      2. Party -> Transaction (1 to many)

      This creates 2 FKs on the transaction entity called (Party ID and Party ID1). I rename this attributes in the transaction entity as "From Party" and "To Party"


      I then do a engineer to relational model.


      This then ignores the attribute names in the transaction entity I had given ("From party" and "to party") and creates 2 new columns - "Party_Party_ID" and "Party_Party_ID1".


      1. Is there a way I can preserve the names I had given in the logical model for the FKs when engineered to Physical? Or is this a bug?
      2. Secondly, Is it possible in the Relation properties dialog box (by double clicking the relationship lines in the logical model) in the target cardinality section to select the FKs I had created ("From Party" and "to Party") so that I could document correctly which is the "from" and which is the "to".


      Thanks in advance.