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    Why the Error - parameter number 1 must contain the value BIND in attribute 1?


      Dear Experts,


      I am creating a Custom Integrator to upload data to the Interface Table - PA_TRANSACTION_INTERFACE_ALL


      I am facing an issue when trying to generate an Error Message back to User after Import. Any help here will be greatly appreaciated. My interface is an Interface Table - PA_TRANSACTION_INTERFACE_ALL


      Post Upload to the Interface Table, I am calling a Importer Package. Without the Error Row Definition and Error Message Setups, the Importer is working fine. However, with the Error Row Definition and Error Message setups, there is an issue.


      A peak into my Error Row Definition Setup -

      select * from PA_TRANSACTION_INTERFACE_ALL where TRANSACTION_STATUS_CODE = 'R' and BATCH_NAME = $param$batch_name

      Here, TRANSACTION_STATUS_CODE - A value of 'R' means Transaction failed by Importer
      BATCH_NAME - User entered Batch Name in the Excel Template


      Error Message Setup is as follows -

      and language='US' and LOOKUP_CODE = $param$.TRANSACTION_REJECTION_CODE

      Here, TRANSACTION_REJECTION_CODE is updated on the Interface table by the Importer.


      I feel my setups are Standard ones. But why I get the Below Error - I have no clue. Request help -


      The upload process has completed with errors. Press Close to return to the document and fix the errors.1 rows successfully uploaded.
      An error has occurred while running an API import. The ERRORED_ROWS step 275:ER_501996, parameter number 1 must contain the value BIND in attribute 1.