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    prefer-application-packages error in weblogic 8


      Hello OTN COmmunity,  i have been working in a web app in weblogic 8, on workshop, i've tried to use the <prefer-application-packages> in the weblogic-application.xml file, but at the moment when i try to build the app it crashes with the follow error.


      wlwBuild] [Build] Application Clean had errors.

      [wlwBuild] ERROR: Error while communicating with WebLogic Server. Cause: Error while loading descriptors: Error parsing file 'META-INF/weblogic-application.xml' at line: 3 column: 34.  weblogic.xml.process.XMLParsingException: Error parsing file 'META-INF/weblogic-application.xml' at line: 3 column: 34.  Element type "prefer-application-packages" must be declared. - with nested exception:

      [wlwBuild] [org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: Element type "prefer-application-packages" must be declared.]


      weblogic-application.xml file is like this

      <!DOCTYPE weblogic-application PUBLIC '-//BEA Systems, Inc.//DTD WebLogic Application 8.1.0//EN' 'http://www.bea.com/servers/wls810/dtd/weblogic-application_2_0.dtd'>