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    WebLogic Thin T3 Client to access EJB resources


      Hallo everyone,


      I successfully accessed my EJB resources in my main Method using WebLogic Thin T3 Client:

      1. I added the wlthint3client.jar in my build path

      2. In the main method I Access my EJB resources via InitialContext object:

      TheBeanRemote bean = (TheBeanRemote) ctx.lookup("MrBean#com.coolstory.TheBeanRemote");


      It did run successfully.


      I have some concept questions:

      If I am not mistaken, we can also access EJB Resources using @EJB Annotation.  My questions are:

      1. What is the minimal configuration do I Need to access EJB Resources using @EJB Annotation?  At the Moment, I only have weblogic-application.xml generated automatically from Eclipse.  I dont have further configuration XML-Files.

      2. Is it possible to access EJB resources using WebLogic Thin T3 Client?  In my concrete case, is it possible to code @EJB in my main method?  I have tried this, but it gave me the error message: The @EJB Annotation is disallowed to be in this Location or something similar.


      I am grateful to hear from you guys soon.. Thank you.