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    Endeca CAS migration to 3.0.3




      I am trying to migrate CAS from 3.0.2 to version 3.0.3 . When intalling with the package , its first uninstalling old version of CAS but when beginning to install  CAS 3.0.3 as workbench extension , its giving error like below:


      "Unable to register CAS console as a workbench extension. XML configuration files already contain instances of CAS console , please make sure all instances are removed. "


      I have already rebooted system and services. Can anyone help me please. Cas service is already stopped.

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          Alex Stepiuk


          In order to get rid of the error you need to amend two files within ENDECA_TOOLS_CONF directory.






          from ws-extensions.xml file you need to remove extension id="casconsole" entrance which is similar to

          <extension id="casconsole" defaultName="Data Sources" defaultDescription="Manage crawls of data sources such as file systems, content management systems, and relational databases." url="/casconsole/?timestamp=${TS}&amp;auth=${AUTH}" role="admin" sharedSecret="1666116658" height="700" launchImageUrl="/casconsole/images/icon_data.png" />

          from ws-mainMenu.xml you need to remove menuitem id="casconsole" item. It looks like:
          <menuitem id="casconsole" onLaunchPage="true"/>


          Then run CAS installation once again.


          Hope this helps. Cheers