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    Unable to run OER console after installation




      We have currently installed OER on WebLogic 10.3.6. We are running IBM JDK on an AIX box. Install went fine and the OER server startsup without a problem. We can see this in WebLogic console. But when I try to access OER console at http://hostname:port/oer, the following error is written to the log: The same binaries work on a windows box running Oracle Sun JDK.


      java.lang.Exception: Provider named 'SUN' not found


      I assume this is because of some issue using IBM's JVM running on AIX. Has anyone came across this problem. Any help in solving this error is highly appreciated.


      Thank you.

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          Could you please check this on My Oracle Support: "java.lang.Exception: Provider Named 'SUN' not found" while Starting OER Application (Doc ID 949474.1)


          1. "java.lang.Exception: Provider named 'SUN' not found" is thrown while starting OER application


          Following Stack Trace is thrown on the server side:
          java.lang.Exception: Provider named 'SUN' not found
          at com.flashline.crypto.EncryptedPassword.constructor(EncryptedPassword.java:125)
          at com.flashline.crypto.EncryptedPassword.<init>(EncryptedPassword.java:74)
          at com.flashline.crypto.EncryptedPassword.<init>(EncryptedPassword.java:38)


          2. One more symptom is displaying blank page when accessing OER application when installed on IBM AIX machine with WebLogic application server.


          AIX Operating System
          IBM JDK


          Encryption Algorithm in OER application is dependent on SUN provider name by default.


          Add a property file by name flcrypto.properties in WEB-INF/classes with the following entry



          Please note that this property is required when IBM JDK is used irrespective of the Operating System



          Should be exactly what you have. Please confirm it afterwards

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            Awesome! Adding the flcrypto.properties file solved the problem. Thanks much.