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    Migration issues in ODI setup for ERPi


      I am implementing ARM at a client and I'm loading data into ARM from ERPi.  In the ERPi admin guide, there is a section for configuring ODI for ERPi and in those steps it says to give the Master and Work repositories IDs of 500 and 501, so this is how I have configured ODI in each of my environments (DEV (development) and TEST (execution)).  However, when I try to export a scenario from DEV and import into TEST I get an error "ODI-26005: You are importing an object from another repository with the same identifier.  It is forbidden."


      So my question is simply, if I have to keep the ODI Master and Work repositories with IDs 500 and 501, then how can I migrate scenarios from one environment to another?

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          ERPi ships with a Master and Work Repository that you can import into the Master/Work Repository used specifically for ERPi.

          There should not be a need to export and import the scenarios from one environment to another.    

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            Thanks JeffJon, but what I need migrated is the custom open interface adapters I have built, i.e. the Others source system type in ERPi.

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              Francisco Amores


              That error is raised due to an object in the import file having an identifier which already exists in the target repository.

              You can manually change the "com.sunopsis.dwg.dwgobj.SnpImportRep" object section of the import XML file to use a unique identifier.


              which is the ID of your scenario?

              in which mode are you importing?

              I would check in TEST work rep which object has the same id.


              For that you can query the database tables.



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                The Internal ID of the scenario I am going to import is 64501.

                I have tried importing in all modes, INSERT, UPDATE and INSERT & UPDATE

                There are no scenarios in the TEST environment, the scenario I want to import will be the first one.


                UPDATE on this issue for those that are interested.  What I ended up doing was re-numbering the Work Repository in TEST to a different ID number.  I was then able to import all the scenarios I needed from DEV and so far ERPi is communicating fine with ODI so I don't think the IDs of 500 & 501 are required.

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                  Francisco Amores

                  Well when ERPI/FDMEE is installed IDs are automatically set to 500/501 so you can avoid issues when applying patches, etc.


                  64501 has not to represent an scenario in your target rep. It may be another object you created and unfortunately ID corresponds with the one you are importing. If you query your target rep database you can find which is the object with ID 64501.