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    File libttclient.so.gcc323 is missed in 7.0.6 installation package timesten70620.sparc64


      Hi, All


      After I installed TT 7.0.6 on a sparc 64bit server by using the package timesten70620.sparc64.tar.gz, I found that there was a file README.TXT in the directory TT_HOME/lib, which had the following content:


      This directory contains two versions of the TimesTen client library:


      libttclient.so        : compiled with the Sun Studio 11 C++ Compiler

      libttclient.so.gcc323 : compiled with g++ version 3.2.3


      When using the client library, please link with the appropriate library

      that corresponds to the C++ compiler you are using.


      But I did not found the file libttclient.so.gcc323 in this directory, which was important for us, because my TT client application was built by gcc. Could anybody tell me where can I get this fie? Thanks!