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    Unable to create File Server in OVM Manager

    Pravin D



      I'm new to OVM and trying to configure VMs but I have problem in adding file server since on the first screen of discovering file server the filed Storage Plugin : Oracle Generic Network File System is greyed out (under OVM Manager -> Storage -> Discover File Server -> Storage Plugin: Filed). Can someone let me know how I can make it work. I can move to further screens and add file server but with no nfs file systems.


      Also, in order to be able to discover a physical disk attached to VM Server, is it required to have the disk formatted?




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          Did you try to mount the NFS share manually on the OVS, before trying to configure it in OVMM?


          2nd one is just a tip: don't create your Storage Repository in the root of the NFS share - better use a sub folder. The reason is, that if you'd wanted to destroy the repo later on, OVMM will fail, since it tries to delete every object from the repo and it'd fail at the lost+found folder and thus cancel the repository deletion.