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    Help with DB and glassfish


      Good mornig,


      I am working with a amplicacin for the company and pass the boss has endorsed me wearing brown going forever and nobody has been able to solve it.


      The issue is that every time the Java application connects to the DB parallel glassfish throws the following statement:

        SELECT value $ FROM $ props WHERE name = 'GLOBAL_DB_NAME'


      The problem that the set is not closed and is inactive.


      Neither do we know even qupero been inactive DB are not deleted until an automated process every two hours that handles inacctivas delete all sessions over two hours is launched.


      The problem that causes this if launched many queries saturate the DB.


      The version is:

      Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production

      PL/SQL Release - Production

      CORE    Production

      TNS for 64-bit Windows: Version - Production

      NLSRTL Version - Production


      Thanks in advance for your help.