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    How to make Installation easy ?

    bhatt t

      Hi & Happy New Year !

      I am a 11g Form/Report Developer and make a application by using Oracle 11g Database as back-end with 11gForm/Report as front-end with Weblolgic server 10.3.6. Now, I want to install this application on PC of my overseas customer, who doesn't know about Oracle Installation and also I can not visit to my overseas customer.Oracle Installation is not a easy task for non technical user. So, I want to ship entire software configurations into simple ones, so that a user could also installs/configures the entire application at his own and easily (like windows ghost application, Virtual Box etc.).


      My installation is as follow;


      1. Configures &  Installation pf 11g Database.

      2. JDK installation.

      3. Weblogic Server.

      4. Configure & Installation of 11g Forms/Reports.


      Please guide me how can I pack my complex steup into some simple ones.


      Thanks & Regards.