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    Please help about OVM network configuration

    User505978 - Oracle

      I have ready RAC OVM templates and below is the instructions.


      Can someone explain this to me?


      I want to create a OVM server and OVM manager on virtualbox. But I couldnt und network configurations.




      Following are the non-standard requirements for your OVM setup:


      • The VMs must be able to interact with the OVM server (Dom0) at IP address
      • The OPVM server (Dom0) must supply NTP and DNS services to the DB VMs
      • The OVM server must be configured with 3 virtual bridges (virbr0, virbr1, virbr2) to support the different Database Machine networks.

      Here are some notes, assumptions and requirements associated with these VMs:
      1. The public network interfaces on all the VMs occupy addresses in the 192.0.2.X range. The private storage network and cluster interconnect on all the VMs occupy addresses in the 192.168.1.X range.
      2. All the VMs assume access to NTP and DNS services provided by servers at One way to provide these services is to configure a bridged network interface on under Dom0 and to configure NTP and DNS services on Dom0. Another way is to create an additional VM with a primary network interface on which offers the required services.