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    Formula uses objects from wrong analytical workspace


      Im currently having problems addressing objects from two different analytical workspaces with the same name.


      AW_1:  Formula named FMLA.DATATEST "eq DATATEST"

      AW_1:  Text variable named DATATEST

      AW_2:  Formula named FMLA.DATATEST "eq DATATEST"

      AW_2:  Text variable named DATATEST


      Now I would like to address FMLA.DATATEST from AW_1 and other times from AW_2. The method I used to try and accomplish this is by:





      However when i address the formula like the method mentioned above, i retrieve the data of DATATEST from the active analytical workspace and not the given AW_1 or AW_2.
      Is there an method to accomplish this, without having to detach and attach analytical workspaces all the time or adjusting the formula's definition with the THIS_AW!DATATEST prefix?

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          Ken Chin OLAP Option-Oracle

          The formula definition as specified above will reference the variable, DATATEST in the first AW that contains a variable with that name in the AW attach order.  If you wish the formula to only reference a variable named, DATATEST in the AW in which the formula resides, you need to either fully qualify DATATEST in the formula expression with the AW's name (i.e. AW_1!DATATEST) or use the this_aw prefix to qualify the variable name (i.e. this_aw!DATATEST).