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    ODI User Privileges


      Hello Forum -

      I am running ODI Studio on Windows 7.  I created a new User and gave him CONNECT, DESIGNER, and OPERATOR Profiles.  Now, I wish to limit his access to a specific Project.  I have been referring to this documentation (Managing the Security in Oracle Data Integrator) but do not really understand what I need to do.  I can drag and drop a Project onto the User itself but the resulting Tab seems to only have 1 privilege - Stop Session.  I was expecting to be able to configure more than just this single privilege.


      Can anyone help explain to me if and how to restrict Users access to a specific Project?

      Thank you!


      P.S.  Is there a way to attach or insert a screen-shot to this request, which might make my question clearer?

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          You need to give the user the NG_DESIGNER (not DESIGNER) role you can then fully customise the access by dragging and dropping the relevant objects onto the user

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            A. Drieux

            Hi SH


            Doing this way (NG_DESIGNER), will the administrator have to gives privileges on any new object instance (variable, folder, interface) of the project ?

            or is it possible to restrict the privileges on specific project, but giving every privileges on the sub-objects of these project (without giving them one after another) ?


            By the way, what is the difference between NG_DESIGNER, and NG_REPOSITORY ?

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              No the administartor just gives access to the objects and their actions that sit under a project. You do not have to do it on an instance by instance basis, although this granularity of object security is also possible. Take a look at the following odiExperts article which gives a good overview of the security setup I'm referring to


              Security Module - Main concepts and use - ODIExperts.com


              Its for 10g but still holds true for 11 & 12


              To answer your last question the DESIGNER profile is used for people who need to develop ODI processes i.e. create, modify objects in the repository. The REPOSITORY EXPLORER profile only allows a user read-only (view) access to the repository objects.