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Store euro € without unicode, possible?

Robert Angel Pro
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My question is simple, is there any workaround possible to allow storage of the euro symbol €, without the need for unicode?


Is there, for example, any way I could use WE8MSWIN1252 - Microsoft Code Page 1252 - which (I quote):- "Microsoft Code Page 1252 - Western European. Very similar to ISO 8859-1, except for the inclusion of additional characters. Includes the euro symbol, trademark (TM) symbol, and oe ligature, but using a different codepoint than ISO 8859-15" - would this work for me without the database needing to be unicode?


If yes, would it mean losing any other non-unicode characters like £ or $?



Note: part of the reason for my post is having migrated data from Essbase 7 (non-unicode) where the client had excel add-in working with member alias values that had € in them working successfully, migrated to the same functionality does not work, without migrating to unicode where excel add-in is no longer an option, and my client is strongly bonded with excel add-in...



thanks for your input,




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