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    Can we change offereing from learning under the Content Tab




      We had offered a course and people attended the class, in which some got passed or failed. Now my question is that can we change the offerting name with new one which training has already been done by using updating/Creating Button over there.


      Suppose, Offereing Done with 'Oracle HRMS Learn' but we have create a new offering "Oracle Learning Manger" and want to replace it with new one. will effect the record or now issue.



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          I'm not sure if I understand your question exactly, but here are some suggestions that I think will help:


          The easiest way to modify the Offering for an existing Course once it has been created is through the Catalog tab and not the Content tab.  Based on your question, however, it sounds like your best approach may be to create a brand new Course instead because the subject matter is different from your first Course.


          As a best practice, your Offering names should be consistent across all of your Courses and they should match the delivery mode of the training so that your Learners know what to expect when they choose a specific Offering.  For example, if you have an "Oracle HRMS Learn" Course, you would have an Offering underneath it called "Online Self-Paced Training" (or something like that) and a Class called "Oracle HRMS Learn."  This way, if you ever want to offer this Course using a different delivery mode, you could create a new Offering under the course (i.e., "Instructor-Led Training") and it would be easy for your Learners to decide how they'd like to take the Course.


          • Oracle HRMS Learn
            • Online Self-Paced Training
              • Oracle HRMS Learn
            • Instructor-Led Training
              • Oracle HRMS Learn - 09-Jan-2014
              • Oracle HRMS Learn - 13-Feb-2014 


          If you have a new online Course that you'd like to offer that has a different subject, you should create a brand new Course with a new Offering that points to the online content files, and a new Class under the Offering.  Then, you can copy your existing enrollments from the other Class that people have already completed to the new Class under your new Course.  For example, you could create "Oracle Learning Manager" as the Course, and then have "Online Self-Paced Training" as the Offering, and "Oracle Learning Manager" as the Class.


          • Oracle Learning Manager
            • Online Self-Paced Training
              • Oracle Learning Manager


          The only time you'd want to change the Learning Object that an Offering points to is when you have an updated version of the same Course.  For example, if your Learners took the Oracle HRMS Learn content in 2013 and then you updated the content for 2014, you could keep the same Course, Offering, and Class, and then just update the Learning Object that your Offering points to.  You could then send out a message to everyone in the Class that they should re-take it (or list it as part of a Learning Certification so that renewals are tracked through OLM), and everyone that takes it in the future will see the new content.


          My company has freely available "Unofficial Guides to OLM" for users and administrators that you may find useful with step-by-step instructions and best-practice recommendations.  Here's where you can download both guides:

          Unofficial Guides to Oracle Learning Management (OLM)


          I hope this helps!




          Anne Saulnier | Synergy Codeworks, LLC