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    WebCenter & JDeveloper tutorial configuration - Dimensions




      i finish my ADF Webcenter Portal application with JDeveloper

      using JDeveloper as this article described: Creating a WebCenter Portal Application - 11g Release 1 (


      I have done some configurations by my own, for example i add an external link (that works as iFrames)

      but the height it looks like is set to a specific pixels but i cant find such dimensions in the project. I also

      try to add a attribute inside af:pageTemplateDef (for instance contentHeight, and set it to 1500px) and call it

      in the grouplayout dimensions, it increase the overall height, but not the content from the external's link page.

      The page is almost 500-700px and i have to scroll down with mouse to view the full content of the external page.


      When the page loaded, i press Ctrl + Shift + C and i find the code on runtime of the iFrame:


      <iframe id="pt1:r1:0:if1" title="My External Application" class="xpm p_AFFlow" style="width:100%; height:1000px;" src="http://xxx.xxx.x.xxx:7100/MyApp/faces/main.jsf" onload="AdfDhtmlInlineFramePeer.__iframeLoadHandler(event)" frameborder="0" _adfloaded="1"></iframe>


      i change the value to 1000px (it was 550) and it worked, but how can i set it permanently? It looks like it set a specific height value on run time, whatever the secondary application/website dimensions are.


      Can you please help me to increase the height of the portal's content so it can be viewed on full height? specific value or auto (auto preferred)


      Thanks in advance.