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    Multilanguage Support at design/runtime ?

    Ivo Rafael

      Hello there,


      I have been trying to figure out if Webcenter Portal has a way to support multilanguage at runtime.

      What i mean is if we add content through the portal edit mode, if a user creates a new page or modifiies the portal can we guarantee multilanguage for that user created content? Or how can the user make his page multilanguage.


      Practical example. User creates a page with an image and an html page/file both on the UCM where there are 2 versions of each for each language. (queriable by metadata).


      Second pratical example. This time its not UCM content but just text inserted in the page, can the user add translations or modify the language bundles trough the portal?


      If anyone knows if this is achievable would be great


      Thank you for your time

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          Ivo Rafael

          Correct me if im wrong please. The referenced Site Studio you mention in one of those posts is another tool to make a website replacing Webcenter Portal right?


          As i am having these questions regarding UCM with Webcenter Portal. I cant use Site studio for the solution.

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            Yes, and no.


            Site Studio, indeed is a web-content management solution, still part of WebCenter Content, and you can make a website with that. I would not, however, state that it is 'replacing' Portal. Anyway, several concepts from Site Studio, or its newer version Site Studio for External Applications, were consumed by WebCenter Portal, esp. Content Presenter.


            One such concept is that content presenting can be (also) driven by metadata, which is exactly something you might use for multilingual sites.


            Anyway, better take a look on newer resources (I have just noticed that previous links no longer works, so here is the new one:)



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              Ivo Rafael

              I found some errors trying to implement the solution 2 on the link you provided. Maybe you could give me some lights on what is exactly wrong.


              corr#00EAncia de erro no ficheiro 'C:/Oracle/unitel/MIDLEW~1/user_projects/domains/wcc_domain/ucm/cs/weblayout/resources/wcm/custom/sitestudio/contentwizard/webcenter/contentwizard.hcsp' na linha 39 e car#00E1cter 38. N#00E3o #00E9 poss#00EDvel encontrar o par#00E2metro 'xPortalPath'.

              idocscript/6 01.09 17:26:22.230 IdcServer-1569 ->    portalPath : 'xPortalPath=[!--$xPortalPath--]'


              Basicly means xPortalPath is missing. My question is what exactly is this xPortalPath? Im using Webcenter Portal in all of this and not Site Studio so im confused.




              01.09 17:21:04.386 IdcServer-1406 Date '17-12-2013 16:40' cannot be parsed with 'M/d/yyyy {h:mm[:ss] {aa}[zzz]}!mAM,PM!tAmerica/Chicago' on field dModifiedDate of type 6 intradoc.common.ParseStringException: !syUnableToFindText,/

              First my files, and the download files specify blDateFormat=M/d{/yy}{ h:mm[:ss]{ a}}!mAM,PM!tUS/Pacific, dunno where that America/Chicago comes from. Second where do i specify that date being sent?




              Also the first solution gives me this error

              <AdfcExceptionHandler> <handleException> ADFc: No tratamento de uma exceção, a rotina de tratamento de exceções da aplicação devolveu uma nova exceção.


                at oracle.webcenter.webcenterapp.internal.view.webapp.WebCenterShellPhaseListener.beforePhase(WebCenterShellPhaseListener.java:171)


              Cant find any reference to that file anywhere.

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                I can help with first two questions. However, you should not be surprised to get stuck - the references are more a guidance than a detailed description, there will still be a lot you have to do yourself.


                ad xPathPortal - this is a metadata field in WebCenter Content. You can create the field manually as described here: Customizing Repository Fields and Metadata - 11g Release 1 (11.1.1) but I'd expect that it should be created automatically by a component, so the correct solution might also be to find the right component and enable it Managing Components - 11g Release 1 (11.1.1)


                ad date format - check setting of locale in Content - Oracle UCM Architecture


                The third question is too generic and it would require someone to analyse your system, or at least what you are trying to do. It might be a few hours/days work, so I'm afraid it's beyond what this forum can be used for - unless somebody has tried the same before.

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                  Ivo Rafael

                  Thank you so much. You are a life savior.

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                    Ivo Rafael

                    Im assuming im missing something for that first part of the solution. As with a clean new application importing just the file its the same WebcenterShellPhaseListener error. With nothing in it. With no content presenter it should at least run right?


                    You really have no idea what is it that that piece of the solution requires? I read that it needs to the locale implemented, which i believe its properly done on my app. Using Oracle ADF y WebCenter en Español: Multilenguaje en una aplicación de WebCenter Portal its working.


                    All i do is Open the project in my app, set the dependency on the Portal application (Out) and run the thing.


                    Could it have to do anything with security settings in the project?


                    Is it normal that the imported project has no reference to the bean except in the content.xml file? Doesnt it need to be specified anywhere else?


                    Sorry for the trouble

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                      I'm afraid this really requires a deeper analysis, ideally, directly on the system. There might be some more detail best-practices, prepared by either Oracle Consulting Services, or A-Team. Try to get in touch with them.

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                        Ivo Rafael

                        After some headaches i got the thing to work. I just implemented it myself looking at the files. Ive got one problem, surprise


                        Somehow when i change the Locale the Content doesnt refresh and still shows the same locale image (example). However if i go into Administration -> Pages and just click the Page from there it loads me the content with the proper Locale *_EN extension (or whatever locale is selected).


                        It does not change the content when i change the locale on the page itself. (The bundles work so i know the locale is being changed as the rest of the site and the administration page aswell changes language)


                        Any ideas why?


                        As always thank you

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                          Ivo Rafael

                          Just for reference i fixed the problem. The bean i was using for the changing of the locale was redirecting using only adding a "?locale=" variable.


                          I added:


                             String _adfCtrlState = req.getParameter("_adf.ctrl-state");


                          And it properly refreshed my ContentPresenter content.

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                              I am also getting


                              at oracle.webcenter.webcenterapp.internal.view.webapp.WebCenterShellPhaseListener.beforePhase(WebCenterShellPhaseListener.java:171)


                            Can you give me details on how you made the app work?