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    Programming support


      Hi All,

      I am a newby to Java Programming. Just did a Java Programming Fundamentals course. Originally I was a typical procedural programmer, so the OO principal is quite hard for me

      But I am determined to become a crack in Java Programming. I have to, as I want to be selfemployed on short notice.


      Is there anyone out there who could help me getting experience in programming in Java and giving me small assignments with which I could gain experience!? These might be commercial assignments, I guarantee secrecy, no costs are involved, just your knowledge is important for me.


      Looking forward to your response.




      P.S.: Dutch speaking reactions possible, not necessarily preferred

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          This site is not hosted for any solicitations of employment, regardless whether they are for-pay or whether they are for-free.

          There are far too many legitimate web sites out there for such purposes.

          If you think you will be a competent programmer, then you will be competent in finding those web sites.


          The OTN forums community is not among them.

          As such, your post is completly beyond the scope of these forums and is off-topic.

          That is why your post is now locked.