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    Batch Import of Excel Files


      Hi. I have a request to import excel files data into the database, using APEX. Today, the user opens the excel file (locally on his machine), and there is a macro connecting to the database and loading the spreadsheet data when the user pushes a button. The database connection will not be available anymore (there will be no way to connect directly to the database), so the excel macro won't work anymore. I wonder if there is a way to create a form / report in APEX, witch lists the xls/xlsx files in a local directory and then, after selecting one of them, loads its data into database tables. Something like we could do in Oracle Forms OLE2 (Webutil). We can do it using forms, but I would like to use APEX for new developments.


      Any ideas? All I have found so far needs csv, or loads the entire worksheet (not all cells need to be loaded).


      Thanks in advance