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    Restore point not shown in DBConsole


      Ciao all,

      i have a test Oracle database ( 64bit) on Oracle Enterprise Linux 6

      I installed OEM DBConsole

      I'm testing flashback and i noticed the problem.

      in the page Manage Restore Points I always have No Rows Found while in RMAN:



      RMAN> list restore point all;



      using target database control file instead of recovery catalog

      SCN              RSP Time  Type       Time      Name

      ---------------- --------- ---------- --------- ----

      62438606652                GUARANTEED 27-DEC-13 Begin_activity_dec27

      62440714714                           03-JAN-14 Reload_Starting_Point

      62442581664                GUARANTEED 08-JAN-14 test_oem

      62442584836                PRESERVED  08-JAN-14 BOH

      I have this behavior creating restore point from the OEM and from RMAN.

      Any suggestion??