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    Receiving Transaction Processor fails with multiple distribution lines


      Hi All,

          I am having a problem with 'Receiving Transaction Processor' when receiving is done against a multiple distributions line that has different project, task data.  The concurrent program 'Receiving Transaction Processor' completes normally but when you check the quantity_received in po_line_locations_all table it shows partial quantity received.




      PO# Test_PO1

      Line#1, Shipment#10001, Dist#101, Quantity Ordered: 1, Amount $1000 (Dollar based line), Project_ID: 335803, Task_ID: 12057618

      Line#2, Shipment#20001, Dist#101, Quantity Ordered: 3, Amount $750, Unit Price: $250, Project_ID: 335803, Task_ID: 12057618

      Line#2, Shipment#20001, Dist#102, Quantity Ordered: 2, Amount $500, Unit Price: $250, Project_ID: 336488, Task_ID: 12121488



      Receiving performed using 'Receiving Transaction Processor' by populating data in RCV_Transactions_Interface and RCV_Headers_Interface tables and it gave following error for one of the distribution

      from po_interface_errors table.


      Line#1, Shipment#10001, Dist#101, Received Amount $400 (Successfully interfaced)

      Line#2, Shipment#20001, Dist#101, Quantity Received: 1 (Successfully interfaced)

      Line#2, Shipment#20001, Dist#102, Quantity Received: 1 (Failed with below error)



      Error_Message: Error: The PROJECT_ID specified is invalid.  The value specified (336804) does not match the expected value (335803).

      Interface_Type: RCV-856

      Error_Message_Name: RCV_INVALID_ROI_VALUE



      Note: This happens only when you have different project_id and task_id values on each distribution for Line#2, Shipment#20001


      Please let me know if someone have already came across this issue or if there is already any patch for this issue.

      Any help with this issue is appreciated.