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    Apex Listener Standalone - Blank Page




      I am working on a Database with Listener 2.0.5 and Apex 4.2.4.


      The problem seems to be with the alias of /i/ since it cannot locate images at all according to browser console it gets 404 for every single one of them.

      The top of the page reads "Application Express Login" but stays as a blank page all the time. I have tried googling and searching this forum but I could not come up with a solution




      GET http://<ip>:8080/i/css/apex_builder.min.css [HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found 132ms]


      I get a session since the URL reads : /f?p=4550:1:4696857459598

      I also see the 2 following:

      ReferenceError: apex is not defined f:35

      ReferenceError: apex is not defined f:110


      [oracle@ apex]$ cat apex.properties

      #Wed Jan 08 14:38:05 EST 2014





      I appreciate in advance your assistance.



      N K