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    Refresh PL/SQL Report Region (not Page) using Select List value




      I've got a report region based on a 'PL/SQL function body returning a SQL query'which gets generated on selecting a value from a Select list item, The Select List action is 'Redirect and Set value' but this causes the whole page to refresh rather than just the report region. I've tried to refresh the report only using a dynamic action on the Select List item (Action now reset to  'None') but now the report is not appearing on choosing from the List. Can anyone suggest a solution that will allow me to refresh this report without refreshing the page? I am using APEX 4.2.2 and the report syntax is as follows:



        v_statement VARCHAR2(500);


        SELECT query_text
          INTO v_statement
         FROM sql_queries
         WHERE query_id = :P2_QUERY ;

         RETURN v_statement ;

      END ;


      where P2_QUERY is Select List Item,