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    Integration with Corporate SSO Server for User Authentication



      I have created an application using Application Express and its scope is confined to a limited few teams - all members are Oracle employees with a valid SSO id.

      we intend to configure this application access through Oracle Single-Sign to all the members within the team.


      Have a few queries here. kindly excuse if it sounds silly but this is my first time using APEX and have just got through creating an app for internal team tasks: -
      1. Is it possible to have Oracle SSO server authenticate server and accordingly user logs into the system
      2. If yes, can anybody pls provide the steps to do so.
      3. We plan to host this on a workspace on apex.oracle.com but currently its hosted on a local machine. How do we configure Oracle SSO authentication ?


      Appreciate your help and guidance as I am a beginner with APEX and have just got through creating this basic application