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    3d gradient colours off for some series


      In sqldeveloper 4.0 When I create a 3D stacked vertical graph (with gradients) e.g. with this query:



      select TO_CHAR (trunc (last_ddl_time),'YYYYMMDD') as DDL_DATE , object_type,  count (1)

      from sys.dba_objects

      where last_ddl_time > TO_DATE ('20130101','YYYYMMDD')

      group by object_type, trunc (last_ddl_time)

      order by 1, 2



      it seems the the front colour does not match the side colour for the front colour for the 20th and 21st series

      e.g. a green front colour and a red side colour. In sqldeveloper 3.2 this was not the case. (How come I cannot upload an image? )  [IMG]http://i39.tinypic.com/a4s95i.jpg[/IMG]


      BTW: The problem can easily solved by deselecting the gradient option....


      I already noticed others requesting the option to be able to specify the colours used for more than just 5 series....