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    Help Needed with Data-modeling to build an application on


      Hi would anyone be able to help me in creating a data model  cause im really stuck with this one .Basically if been asked to create a survey application in oracle apex that use to excel based . So the info i was given was in a form of  excel sheet which looks like this





      NAMEE-MAILTSSAORACLEHPIBMMSSAPINTERGRAPHCISCORelationshipContractingPerformanceArchitectureSupplier Feedbackcomments
      Jxxxxxx yyyyyyfBisschJ@.co.zaYesYesYesYesxrequested to be added
      nnnitha iiiiiahJ@.co.zaYesYesYesxx
      Knnnn kkkikotA@.co.zaYesxxis not payed
      Gggrt LouuuueGJ@.co.zaYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesxxxx
      jeiiiha addK@.co.zaYesxto meet with
      John RatoneJ@.co.zaYesxx









      So where it says yes thous are the vendors that people associated with them have to asses and where there's an X thous are the topics that the vendors have to be rated on . So if for example the first guy on the list Jxxxxxx yyyyyyf will asses TSSA , ORACLE, HP , IBM , MS , SAP  on the topic of Architecture and if you look at the second user nnnitha iiiiiah he would rate TSSA , ORACLE , INTERGRAPH on the topics of Relationship and performance  . Any idea how i could data model this to get my table structures right .so that features like completion status could be displayed to the user through APEX which can only be done by a correct data-model i have tried normalization but  i did go anywhere becauce there are so many variations any idea on how you would go about data modeling this would be greatly appreciated thank you