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    webcenter portal




      have a webcenter portal


      we building application for health. when we deploy webcenter application, we deploy it to manage server WC_CustomPortal ?   OR  WC_Spaces ?



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          Daniel Merchán


          For WebCenter Framework Application should be deployed on WC_CustomPortal.

          When installing WebCenter Portal you'll have:

          WC_Spaces | For Portal (formerly Spaces)

          WC_Utilities | For Analytics

          WC_Portlet  | For WRSP Portlets

          WC_Collaboration | Forums


          If you're planning to deploy Framework Portal you have to extend the domain:

          • Creating new WebCenter Schemas for WC_CustomPortal using RCU.
          • Extend the domain for having WC_CustomPortal server.


          Remember that WC_Spaces and WC_CustomPortal should be using their own DB schemas (don't mix them).


          Configuring Oracle WebCenter Portal - 11g Release 1 (


          I hope this information helps.