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    [4.0] SQL Developer syntax highlighting error with ANSI join syntax


      SQL/Developer Team,


      It appears that there is an issue with the ANSI join syntax highlighting in SQL Developer 4.0.


      In the following statements the left table will be underlined in yellow in SQL Developer with the following popup 'help' EMP is disconnected from the rest of the join graph: EMP DEPT:


      select ename, dname

      from EMP join DEPT using (DEPTNO);


      select ename, dname

      from EMP cross join DEPT;




      The Oracle proprietary syntax works just fine:


      select ename, dname

      from EMP, DEPT



      The 'correct' place to get that error (if I understand what is trying to be accomplished with the popup help) does come into play if you use the Oracle proprietary syntax for a cross join:


      select ename, dname

      from EMP, DEPT;